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Circle of Hope - Stories Retold


“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness” – Desmond Tutu


A circle was called on the 3rd day of September – an invitation to connect and share stories of hope. We gathered at 10 Square Orchard Road on the late afternoon.

All invitees were encouraged to bring along a personal item in which signify hope for them.

I reminded everyone (including myself) that the conversation may take us on a journey that we may not be aware…mystery. Circle-Hope5

A check-in ensued after an informal introduction to the work of circle…I sensed that they truly were unsure what was expected.

Like in the past as circle host, I trusted the circle worked its energy within the group and enabling respectful listening and intentional speaking.

As the speaking-piece was being passed around, the circle provides a safe space for stories that lay deep in the hearts to be retold…


Hope of Rest – A time to let go of work.

Hope of Dignity – A gift to completeness

Hope of Encouragement – An honor to remember

Hope of Arts – A memory to cherish

Hope of Perseverance – A book to encourage

Hope of Success – A journey to learning

Hope of Friendship – A crystallize reminder


As we listened, we were honored by each and everyone’s story in which connected with our very own stories and memories. I picked up a poem in the midst and honored one of the story retold…

Flawless - Margaret Wheatley
For far too many years
I have wanted to be flawless,
Perfecting my pursuits, I bargained all for love.
For all these many years
I've made masks of my own doing,
Pursuing my perfection, I found I was pursued.
And then one day I fell, sprawled, flattened, lost,
on the fertile ground of self.
Naked in dirt
no mask, no bargains
I raised my soiled face
and then, you were.
I struggled to stand.
Dirt from my body clouded your eyes.
Your hand reached for me.
Blinded, your hand reached me.
There is, in all of us, a place for pure perfection.
We discover its geography together.

We checked out…grateful to be called into the circle with hope in our heart.

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