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One Last Christmas

Dec 20, 2010 // 2 Comments » // Stories Retold

I was holding my three year old daughter Isis while watching this video clip and she asked: “Why cry daddy?”

The ordeal that the Locke family went through reminded me of the time my wife and I went through when my eldest boy Timothy was born in August 1999.

Tim was diagnosed with heart murmur when he was born. He had a 2mm vertical hole on the upper-right ventricle of his heart chamber but fortunately no immediate danger to his young life. We were told to observe the condition and given hope that there is a 35% chance that it may healed before he turns five…but it didn’t. The size of the hole grew with him and eventually took its toll when he had a severe bronchitis when he was 16 months old. Doctor revealed that kids with heart problems are susceptible to respiratory infection hence an open heart surgery would be the sensible next step before more lung problem arises.

We were reluctant when briefed with the procedure but trusted our good Lord’s healing hand in this and prayed for successful operation and speedy healing. After a nearly 12 hours procedure and another 6 in intensive care, we finally saw his tiny body with several tubes jutting out of his fragile chest and pale lip. Miraculously, Tim wake up from his GA in the wee hours the next morning and the first word from him was “Ne Ne” (which means milk in our local dialect). As we continue to imagine the pains and suffering he would possibly experience the next few days, he surprised us with only a few uncomfortable groans and whimpers and nothing more…He began to walk with some tubes still attached to his major veins on the third day and discharged exactly a week after his admission. Timothy was declared fully discharged by the senior cardiologist consultant from KK hospital in 2005 after twice yearly follow up checks and assurance of no leakage on the patched hole. He now weighs a healthy 38kg and I still complains about him over-weight for his age!!

This Christmas, let us count our blessed moments for the year.

Merry Christmas!