Trust Fall

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“TRUST – is the fundamental building block of a cohesive team…” I proclaimed firmly during a training session to a group of global talents gathered in Bonn, Germany.

Standing in the centre with the group sitting in a circle, all their eyes were on me as if saying “Nothing new said…so what?!”.

“But trust is not easy…let me do my level best to describe further but I would need a volunteer to help me demonstrate trust in its most basic form…” while I cast my eyes around looking for a volunteer, someone I hope will be challenged-by-choice and about my size. Matt, a bald, stout-looking young American smile, raised his hand and jumped out from his seat as if saying this is his show…and I gladly welcomed him to the centre of the circle.

Instructing him to stand back towards me with both arm outstretched, I encouraged him to fall back without looking back. In my 14 years using “trust-fall” as an activity to demonstrate leap-of-faith as a mindset of TRUSTING; no one has ever fall back so readily and freely as Matt, hence he caught me by surprised as his full body weight (he’s quite heavy, trust me!) came crushing down on me as I tried desperately to break his drop fully unto to floor, thereby resulted in straining my left knee ligament. Fortunately, Matt was tough as a nut and in fact he was more concerned about me as my faced grimaces with pain…as the rest bemused in laughter.

As I thank Matt for such bravery and spontaneity, I walked gingerly towards the flip chart and wrote this:

TRUST = Trusting + Trustworthiness

“A trust relationship can only happen when there is someone willing to act the ‘trusting’ with someone corresponding with being ‘trustworthy’, in which just like the leap-of-faith demonstrated a moment ago ‘trusting’ must happen first…If we are not willing to ‘fall’ or wait till it is worthy then trust may not happen after all…”.

I often gets strong reactions from participants from the above…the emotional and mental construct in which we understand TRUST always called for a good conversations.

How about you?

What’s your thought regarding the subject about TRUST? For example:

Do you know saying what you truly don’t know gain more trust from others than you thought? Or

Saying ‘trust’ takes time to build is a way in which we delay the needs for us to confront the unknown, the fear of rejection, the creative conflict that may lead to more discoveries.

Well, having said that I think Matt will be hesitant to take the “leap” the next time he sees me at the other end of the “fall”!!

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  1. Bill Zito says:

    Hello! I enjoyed your post, and think trust is super important. I was wondering if I could use this photo on my website? Thanks in advance for your consideration!

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