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悟 - A gift from Beijing

Apr 15, 2010 // No Comments » // Conversational Circles

Picture source: TaylorMiles via Flickr

Picture source: TaylorMiles via Flickr


欣 - 北京的学生领悟性高,思考力强,警觉性深,非常考我的培训技巧与能力,所以能再次回来培训非常开心。

慰 - 小时候对华文的兴趣,还有师辈们的灌输与栽培确实让我万分感激。我对学生们说如果不是资政李光耀的政策,我可能没机会在这跟他们分享学习。

第一天结束前的Conversational Circle,大家分享了所学心得。当中的分享有:











Be Disturbed

Feb 10, 2010 // 3 Comments » // Conversational Circles | Team Intervention

Picture source: Amanda_Mac via Flickr

Picture source: Amanda_Mac via Flickr

I once facilitated a program for an IT technical service group of 30 staff. They are a team of diverse specialist good at what they do best in smaller groups but struggled to collaborate as a team.

The day started with helping the team to realized how good are they working on their own and in smaller group but as the day passed, they begin to realize the importance of skills and attitude needed to work together. The day ended with a large group activity that focused on the need to communicate expectation, accountable for other’s successes, and agreeing on ways to do things differently.

At the conversational circle, two questions were asked:

  • What has happened that you find interesting for your learning?
  • If indeed a learning, how can that apply back at your work environment?

“It’s all about planning. We did not plan well in the beginning and we struggled to find a way to solve the problem.” shared one participant.

“We underestimated at certain staged of the activity and don’t really have a leader to spot the problem.” enthused another.

“But we also work well as a team and did not blame one another at times of failure.” concluded another.

I responded: “If I may invite you to think about your learning, your personal ‘aha’ moment, what would that be?”

After a long pause of silence, came a rather weak respond from a petite lady: “To be honest, I came with very little expectation from the learning viewpoint but I thought I am really disturbed by today’s event.”

“Thank you for being honest. Would you like to share more about what you meant by being disturbed?” I sensed a rich vein of possible learning from her…

With a moment of staring blankly, she responded: “Umm…I meant I observed many behaviors of myself that is congruent to the behaviors back at the workplace. I am disturbed…and I did not know that I am like that at work until now…”

“And if there is one change that you may choose to make happen back at work, what would that be?” I invited her response with my eyes connecting sincerely.

“To actively respond to others…I hope.” she ended with her eyes downward.

Have you been disturbed lately?