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Celebrate Life this Mother’s Day!

May 06, 2010 // 2 Comments » // Stories Retold

Never once, my mom ever did hold my hand and walk me to school…not once.

Never once, my mom ever stop nagging at me when she quarrel with my dad…

Never once, my mom ever voice her concerns over my academic progress…not once.

Never once, my mom ever spared canning me when I am ‘out-of-line’…especially when she’s really mad.

Never once, my mom ever be on my side when I am in dispute with her beloved other son – my brother…not once.

Never once, I have ever doubted my mom loves me…And I love her…Happy Mothers Day!

You must be wondering why is this blog-post here? Isn’t this personal matter? Isn’t this suppose to be a professional training website? If you did felt the same I suppose you are not alone…but before you conclude of my unprofessionalism, I urge that you listen to my mom story…the very little that I know.

My mom – Ee Khim ONG, born 2nd Feb 1944 and grew up in Penang, Malaysia, given away for adoption only days after her birth. Her adopted family which we still keep in touch took her in like one of theirs… She told me when she was small she dislike school and stop going after two years in a Catholic missionary school in Kedah, Malaysia. She spend most of her childhood years helping out at family chores, watching street ‘wayang’ and listening to Chinese popular music and hits of Elvis Presley over wired radio service. At 19, she left her hometown of Penang and work as domestic helper for a British expat family residing in Singapore in the early 1960s. She got to know my dad Frankie Lim, a part-time door-to-door pharmaceutical distributor then…She fell in love with my dad and the rest is history…
Ee Khim in 1964

Ee Khim in 1964

I could go on and on…and I am sure you will also have your story to tell. You see, this is a part of my mom life story; it is her constant companion and to some extend mine too. I also begin to realize that story humanize me, story can be the most powerful bondage between people. Christina Baldwin, the author of ‘Storycatcher’ - Making Sense of Our Lives through the Power and Practice of Story explores three premises about story in her book:

  • How we make our experience into story determines how we live our personal lives.
  • What we emphasize and retell in our collective story determines whether we quarrel or collaborate in our community.
  • What we preserve in larger human story determines what we believes is possible in the world.

As I promised in my CC Touchpoint that in the month of May I would like to dedicate a large part of my blog to the power of story, let us learn to celebrate life using our story, sharing our story with hope and listen to story with love.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!